University Employability Tests

A Million+ Jobseekers Find Their Job Readiness

Future Employability Tests for College Students

SHL also helps colleges test their current students’ readiness for jobs in the real world, providing individual employability reports so students can address any deficiencies before graduation. More than 1,000 universities use AMCAT’s employability tests every year to test their students and provide individualized feedback and credentials that boost chances of employment. And they can benchmark campus-wide performance analytics against common standards to optimize their programs.

University Employability Tests | AMCAT
University Employability Tests | AMCAT

Job Credentialing for Candidates

High-quality candidates need to differentiate themselves in today’s competitive marketplace, and job credentialing can demonstrate your specific employability skills to potential employers. SHL’s extensive library of data-rich assessments certifies qualified applicants for particular skills that predict employment performance across more than 1,100 different job roles. Millions of job candidates include AMCAT credentialing on their public profile and resumes today—a differentiator that’s hard for potential employers to ignore.

Talent Mapping Tests for College Applicants

Evaluating students for college admission is complicated. But SHL can help admissions offices optimize their acceptance decisions at scale while minimizing bias. Our hundreds of talent-mapping tests, across mission-critical competencies, include cognitive and personality skills, language fluency, and functional skills. An intuitive, modern interface keeps student applicants engaged, while the science-backed assessments (including automated and secure scheduling, proctoring, and reporting) provide clear, actionable recommendations to the university. Visit for more information.

University Employability Tests | AMCAT